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March 20, 2020

2 Surprising Things Homebuyers Really Want

Most homebuyers have to sacrifice some of their wants to find a new home. Unless they have unlimited funds and time, chances are there are “must-haves” which outweigh the “like-to-have” items on the list. Yet, there are always features that these buyers refuse to part with, and they might surprise you.

1. Outdoor Space – Over the past decade or so, outdoor spaces have become extensions of the home. From outdoor kitchens to outdoor living rooms, the line between interior and exterior has blurred. Homebuyers have embraced this way of living and are insisting on some kind of outdoor patio or space when looking for a new home.

2. Garages – Today’s homebuyer wants a garage. True, some of them plan to use it for non-traditional purposes, such as for storage or home gyms, but they still insist on a garage. Even with the rise of rideshare services and public transportation options, statistics show that the average household owns 1.95 cars and studies demonstrate they are looking for a home with at least a single-car garage.

Homebuyers realize they might have to make sacrifices when searching for a new home. Surprisingly, while these buyers might be willing to compromise on other aspects of the home, outdoor space and garages are among the “must-have” items in 2020. 

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March 13, 2020

3 Major Factors To Consider Choosing a Neighborhood

Buying a new home is exciting. Whether you’re moving across the country or across town, finding the right house is just one part of choosing the best option. The neighborhood in which the home is located is a critical component of lifestyle as well. Here are 3 of the most important considerations as you search for the right community to call home.

1. Safety – First and foremost, the safety of the neighborhood is important. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to get details concerning safety. Search local crime statistics through local police sites and public online search sites. Spend time driving through the community, talk with neighbors, and pay attention to the security of the homes themselves; a community where most homes have extra security could be a sign of trouble.

2. Schools – Regardless of whether you have children in the home, or plan to, the quality of the local schools is a big factor in home values, and is easy to research. Visit the district’s website and read about their test scores and rankings. Extracurricular activities are also a large factor in the desirability of the schools; watch for art, music, and athletic programs.

3. Conveniences – Remember that you’ll need to shop for groceries, work out at a gym, enjoy entertainment, and dine out. As you drive through potential communities, take note of the local availability of the extras you need.

Finding the right home is not enough to live a nice lifestyle. The neighborhood is just as important. Not only for your enjoyment, but it affects the resale value as well. Choosing the right community takes a little research, but it’s well worth it to love where you live. 



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March 6, 2020

3 Types of Decorative Molding for Accent Walls

Decorative accent moldings come in a wide variety of styles. Interior designers use these to add visual interest to rooms and spaces while highlighting desirable features and distracting from less attractive elements. Understanding the options and purposes of decorative molding allows use of a design tool that is relatively inexpensive and simple but will elevate any home style.

• Baseboards and Crown Molding – The most common of moldings include baseboards and crown molding. These essentially frame a wall and typically are painted bright white or soft cream to highlight the wall color.

• Chair Rails and Picture Rails – Chair rails are designed to serve a functional purpose: to protect the wall from damage caused by chairs, usually in a dining area. They also add a decorative element by delineating between two paint colors, or perhaps wallpaper and paint. A picture rail is comprised of the same kind of thin wood strip as used in a chair rail, but typically placed a few feet below the ceiling. A picture rail allows the homeowner to hang decor without damaging the wall. When coupled with crown molding, a picture rail can create the impression of a higher ceiling, adding a sense of luxury.

• Wainscoting – Common in traditional homes, wainscoting is paneling placed against a wall, originally used to camouflage wall damage near the floor of older homes with water seepage. Modern homes have a multitude of choices from which to choose. These decorative treatments are often used to make a room look larger or cozier, depending on the height of the paneling.

Moldings come in a variety of styles and sizes, and each can be used for a different purpose. Relatively simple to install, decorative molding can change the feel of any space.



Feb. 28, 2020

Agent of Excellence Conference

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As February draws to a close, I wanted to reflect on one of the most rewarding things I did in February, attending the Agent of Excellence Conference at Disney World.

I learned valuable skills to bring to my business, and ways to accelerate my customer service skills. The thing that stood out to me the most was learning how invested Disney Cast Members are in providing the magical experience to all of their consumers. 

I promise to to bring the absolute best to my clients, which includes these pledges from the conference:

▪ Maintaining the highest level of integrity & excellence in all transactions and relationships

▪ To partner with my clients to understand each individual’s unique needs

▪ To help my clients to reach THEIR real estate goals, no matter how big or small

▪ To engage in continuous professional education & training so that I bring my absolute best to every single client

▪ To be a resource to my clients long after closing

It was a magical experience that I will never forget.



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Feb. 21, 2020

2 Myths Holding Back Home Buyers

Buying a home is a huge commitment and one which should be considered carefully before undertaking. Not only are you committing to years of the mortgage, but you are also putting down roots in a community for some period of time. As more and more Millennials consider the pros and cons of buying their first home, they are often confronted with a barrage of information containing half-truths and outright lies. Here are 2 common myths which cause my potential buyers to hold off buying a home.

Myth #1 – You have to have a 20% down payment.

While it’s true that most 0% down loans have disappeared after the mortgage meltdown last decade, it’s also true that there are some very attractive loan options which do not require a 20% down payment. Although loans with less than an 80% loan-to-value do require private mortgage insurance, which add cost to the monthly payment, there are many options available with a lower down payment; many lenders offer conventional loans with 5-10% down payments, FHA loans for first time home buyers require only 3.5% down payment. Qualified veterans can also use the VA loan program to purchase a home with 0%.

Myth #2 – You need great credit

While it is certainly helpful to have a high FICO score and great credit, there loan programs available for buyers will lower scores. In fact, a survey done last fall indicated that over 50% of new loans in the past year were for people with FICO scores in the 600-649 range. The main point is that buying a home is a great investment in your future, both financially and personally. Before you assume you aren’t ready to buy a home, talk with a lender and learn your options. Don’t let these myths keep you from a new home. 

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Feb. 14, 2020

What Buyers Can Expect For Real Estate in 2020

Predicting the housing market should be an Olympic event; everyone loves to predict the ups and downs of the real estate market. As we enter 2020 consumers are wondering if it’s a good time to buy? What can home buyers expect this year and is it time to move?

Housing Market Trends 2020

Most analysts agree that 2020 should see a continuation of the momentum which built in 2019. The foundation for growth is strong with low unemployment numbers, higher household incomes and high consumer confidence. Additionally, we are starting to see more Millennials enter the housing market than ever before.

Housing Stocks

More and more investors are realizing the value of adding real estate to their portfolios. Shunting the hassle of owning rental properties, many of these investors, as well as new participants, are turning to REITs for investment diversification. REITs that are based on hard assets provide stability as well as liquidity, making them very popular. The types of properties held in these funds is changing also. In addition to commercial and large scale buildings, many funds are adding smaller homes to their portfolio – taking advantage of the growing down-sizing trend as Baby Boomers move to their next home.


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Feb. 7, 2020

How to Enjoy Valentine's Day at Home

If you’re a homebody, or just want to avoid the crowds at what feels like every single restaurant for Valentine’s Day, then I have the post for you! I’ve gathered some at-home Valentine’s Day activities that the whole family can partake in. If you have any others to include, please reach out and I will add them to the list for next year!

  1. Camp in the backyard and watch the stars

  2. Make dinner with the whole family

  3. Watch a romantic comedy (or 5)

  4. Revel in wedding day memories

  5. Enjoy a drink outside watching the sun go down

  6. Make a Valentine’s Day breakfast

  7. At-home spa (a classic)

  8. Learn how to prepare a new cocktail

  9. Fondue for two (or more)

  10. Indoor picnic


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Jan. 31, 2020

How to Have a Successful Yoga Practice at Home

The holiday festivities have come and gone, and in their place has arrived the stress of preparing for tax season. Here are a few ways to alleviate that stress, by implementing an at-home yoga practice:

  1. Get comfortable. Set up your own space in your home to practice yoga.
  2. Get all of the necessary accessories to begin. You don’t need all of the latest and greatest items to have a successful practice. A towel can replace a yoga mat, and a few books can replace a yoga block.
  3. Be aware of your body’s needs and limits.
  4. Find the practice style that works for you. There are so many possibilities, and it all comes down to what your body wants and what you want to get out of the practice.
  5. Relax and reflect during Savasana. This is your time to give yourself a pat on the back for all of your hard work. Taking time out of your busy day to breathe deep and be present with yourself is very important, and deserves some celebration.
  6. Finally, set some realistic goals for yourself and stick to them. Whether it is a commitment to a 10 minute practice, or an hour practice, yoga should be something that you look forward to whenever you come to the mat. Your body and mind will thank you in the long run. 



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Jan. 24, 2020

2020 Pantone Color of the Year – Classic Blue


Drum roll please – Pantone has chosen Classic Blue as their color of the year. Over the past couple years, bold colors on walls has become common place in designer magazines and new model homes. Bucking the old guidance of using bland, light hues to make rooms look larger, deep greens, rich reds and even soft blacks are used in even the smallest spaces. This year, Pantone has chosen a fresh Classic Blue to inspire homeowners and designers in 2020.

Classic Blue is just want it sounds like – as classic. Think of your favorite sneaker or school binder and you’ll be right on track. Described as a calming, familiar azure, Classic Blue is an uncomplicated, straightforward tone intended to provide a “neutral” backdrop for modern color palates and urban chic styling.

Modern interior design has been trending towards more unassuming color schemes for furniture, flooring and accents. Kitchens sport sleek white cabinets and subway tile counters and backsplashes. Tone on tone design with urban elements of steel and soft wood tones lend themselves to this fresh blue hue. Pantone suggests that the simple color palate of blue and white is a comforting return to more traditional styling and expects that Classic Blue is the perfect wall color to compliment the Mid-Century and 60s décor that have emerged with a modern twist.

A great weekend project for a room or rooms, Classic Blue would add a fresh look to any space. 

Jan. 17, 2020

How to Create the Perfect Brunch Board

The holidays have come and gone, and new year's resolutions are in full swing! Most of us want to curb the snacking and secret chocolate munching, but how do you satisfy that craving while being true to your resolutions? The answer is a great brunch board.

Creating the perfect brunch board is up to your own cravings and guilty pleasures. The classic options include seasonal fruits, crackers, meats, and nuts. Some healthy options that you can put on your boards are Granola bars and oatmeal, to name a few. 

Choosing a star of the show is very important. IS it going to be waffles or pancakes? Donuts or breakfast sandwiches? The options are limitless. Add in the main food item first, then place your favorite fruits to add a pop of color. Cheeses and meats are the next items, and any small spaces can be filled by nuts and more fruit. There is no wrong way to do a brunch board, so let your imagination run wild! Enjoy!

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