In this difficult time, there are countless stories of heartwarming gestures and people coming together (while being socially distant from each other). Here are some ideas of how you can help your neighbors and friends during these tough times:

1. Do door-side drop off’s and check-in’s for groceries or other necessities.
2. Make the best of cancelled events. If you’ve had an event cancelled with catered food that has already been prepared, consider donating it to families in your area!
3. Write letters to your local nursing home. Letters bring joy and comfort to the residents during this difficult time.
4. Become a virtual volunteer. Kathy Green in Alabama started a Facebook group to organize local residents in sewing face masks for their hospital!
5. Create some inspiring window art. Shona Richardson’s school in Scotland launched a campaign to encourage students to paint rainbows to display in their windows at home.
6. Hold a different kind of block party. Neighbors in Eugene, OR held a dinner party from their individual front yards complete with pizza (and even a dining table with a tablecloth!)
7. Celebrate birthdays from afar. Neighbors in  Madrid, Spain came together for a woman named Charo’s birthday. They brought her a cake and sang “Happy Birthday.” Being socially distant doesn’t mean skipping important celebrations!