How to Stage Your Home For Sale

Reno real estate agent, Candi Peek is an expert at knowing how to stage your home. Follow her ten tips or call her for a consultation to make your home look it’s best for potential buyers.

1) Make an impression

Prospective buyers make up their minds about your house even before they get out of the car. To ensure they have the right idea, clean up your yard, rake the leaves, and shovel the snow and sweep driveways and porches.

2) Unclutter

Clutter eats equity. So purge your closets, empty cupboards, and box up small appliances. Rent a storage locker to keep what you want – then toss the rest.



3) Impersonal Works

You want buyers to imagine themselves living in your home, not to feel like a guest in it. So stash anything connected to your family or personal interests. Hide your son’s hockey trophies, store family photos, and remove all traces of day-to-day life.

4) Keep it fresh

There’s nothing worse than stepping into a house that smells of smoke and pet odors. The easy solution is to keep your windows open for 10 minutes a dat. This strategy works better than deodorizer.



5) Declare war on grime

Cleanliness helps put a buyers mind at ease since it suggests that you’ve probably take good care of your residence in other ways as well. So clean everything walls, door handles, light fixtures and pantry cupboards.

6) Hire a handyman

Dripping faucets, cracked tiles and moldy caulking around the bathtub can knock thousands of dollars off the price of your home.

7) Color it up

Your single best investment may be a fresh coat of paint in key areas of your home. Paint your front door and put some urns with brightly colored flowers on your front step or just inside the entry way, those things make a house seem care for.

8) Reduce furniture

An easy way to create a sense of space is to get rid of some furniture. Moving a sofa and end tables into storage can give a small room some much needed breathing space.



9) Light me up

The brighter and sunnier space, the easier it is to sell. Start by investing in a good window-cleaning service. Clean windows let in as much as 30% more light than grimy ones. Then thoroughly clean the shades on you light fixtures, change light bulbs and add floor lamps if an area seems dim.

10) Add a touch of humanity

A couple of planters on your front porch, a vase of flowers on your dining room table, even a simple rose in a bud case can warn up a room. This is where you can let some of your creativity show through.